If you are not keen on examining your weed, you might end up with buds that are hard to burn, moldy, and do not give you the desired effects. So it is best to use fresh buds full of trichomes that give you that powerful high. It is just the same as choosing the freshest fruits and vegetables in a grocery store. 

The only way to get fresh, quality weed is to buy it from a reputable dispensary like the 253 pharmacy dispensaries Massachusetts. Other than that, here are some things to evaluate to determine the freshness of marijuana.

The smell and taste

When you break the buds from a bag, the smell should be strong, and it is an indicator of how good the marijuana will make you feel. However, different strains vary significantly in how they smell and taste. Some have the smell of citrus, pine, diesel, fruit, or an earthy aroma. Generally, fresh weed will be more flavorful and aromatic than stale weed. The smell and taste degrade as the weed overstays, especially if improperly stored. You can inhale the scent after opening the bag of weed, smoke, or vape it to tell how fresh it is.

The look

You may not be allowed to touch the marijuana when purchasing in a Marijuana dispensary for hygiene reasons, but you can undoubtedly determine its freshness by just looking at it. Fresh buds are usually full of color featuring green leaves and bright hairs. However, how colorful the marijuana also depends on the strain as some feature unique colorful hairs. 

Despite all that, you can tell fresh marijuana through its color. If the weed has started to absorb moisture, it grows white mold or mildew, and it is not suitable to smoke because it can be harmful to your health. Overstayed buds that have lost their freshness usually appear pale and drier and may even start turning brown at some point. 

The feel

Another way to check the freshness of marijuana even as you stroll on our favorite spot in Mass is to feel it. Fresh marijuana is usually moist and a bit sticky due to the trichome and resin content. But if it has lost its freshness, it will feel dry and brittle, cracks easily into your hands, and even dissolve into dust. If possible, touch the weed to feel its texture so that you know if it is fresh.


Trichomes appear as cloudy crystals that form on the hairs of the buds. THC is more concentrated on the trichomes, so the more crystals you see on the trichomes, the more potent the weed is. Fresh buds feature cloudy or clear trichomes, which indicate that marijuana is as potent as it should be. If you see lass trichomes on the buds, it means that it has started to lose its freshness.

The takeaway

Whether you are buying marijuana or have stored lots of it, it is good to check its freshness before use. You must remember that marijuana degrades when stored improperly, affecting its smell, taste, and potency.

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