Stages of Recovery from Drug or Alcohol Addiction 

Whenever someone falls into the clutches of addiction, they should be guided towards the path of recovery with the help of the right kind of treatment. The National Institute of Drug Abuse has come up with 4 different stages of recovery to help patients to walk towards the path of recovery. 

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Rehab Stages

Rehab is offered in these 4 mentioned stages. 

  • Initiation of the Treatment

Initiation of the treatment for the rehab is the first step that you take to get rid of the issue of addiction from the root. The initial days will surely make you participate in the treatments and accept all help that is given to you, as it will guide you towards the path of recovery.

  • Abstinence at early stages

Early abstinence is the second stage towards the goal of recovery from drug abuse. This is considered the toughest stage for the patients as there are higher chances of them trying very hard to get back to their path of using. Hence, the centers focus on making the environment relaxing and also free from craving. 

  • Maintaining abstinence

This stage starts after 90 days of continuous abstinence. This is the stage where the patients will get counseling and group therapies so that they can prepare for the warning signs, which can push them back to addiction. 

  • Advanced recovery

This is the stage where everything that is taught in the classes so far will be put to the best use. The patients will work on trying to be happy, fulfilling their goals, involving themselves in the spiritual and religious paths, and so on to keep them away from the chances of relapsing. 

These are the 4 stages that are followed to guide the drug users towards the path of long term recovery. 

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